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Balancing and Sensory Domes

Balancing and Sensory Domes


Hedgehog style balance pods with inflated stability, wobble cushion and disc for balancing. Perfect for children balancing and agility training, and sensory play. Improve your child's dynamic balance, body awareness and coordination with these Balance Pods. You can arrange the pods with flat side down for more stabilization or flat side up for a balance challenge, giving you varied levels of difficulty.


Balance Trainer Pods

Pods can be used for exercises to improve dynamic balance, body awareness and coordination, which is great fit equipment for kids and adults.


Two Sided for Multiple Exercise Options

Arrange balance pods with flat-side down for moderate stability or flat-side up for increased instability and difficulty.


Safe and Durable

Balancing Pods are strong enough to withstand use from people of all ages, safe and durable enough for kids, and flexible enough for fitness activities for adults.



16cm/ 6.3inch diameter

  • Shipment

    Please allow for at least 2 working weeks for delivery as we will have to wait for shipment. 

    We will email you once your order is made.

  • Preschool Order

    Drop us a message for preschool orders and we will provide you with the special price for preschools!

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