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Bee-Bot Docking Station (w/o Bee-Bot)

Bee-Bot Docking Station (w/o Bee-Bot)

  • This docking station is easy to use in your classrooms and it is an excellent storage device for a class set of Bee-Bots.
  • It can be wall mounted with six Bee-bots docked.
  • Charge your Bee-Bots within half a day for approximately four hours of normal use.
  • Compatible with charging of Blue-Bots too

*Bee-Bots are not included. Bee-Bots are sold separately.

  • Shipment

    Please allow for at least 2 working weeks for delivery as we will have to wait for shipment. 

    We will email you once your order is made. 

  • Preschool Order

    Drop us a message for preschool orders and we will provide you with the special price for preschools!

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