The K1 and K2 children created and decorated hearts to show their gratitudes to the frontliners who are risking their lives to provide essential services for everyone. The children felt that besides the healthcare personnel, cleaners, security officers, bus drivers, delivery workers and other essential service providers should be applauded for their hardwork and efforts. They created the “Board of Love” with vibrant colours, sequins and glitter to show their appreciation to these hard workers who have worked tirelessly. They hope the “Board of Love” will add a sparkle or a smile to anyone who looks at it and that it will encourage them to have a better day!


Done by

Soaring Eagles

(Maxton, Gareth Tan, Carlson, Shu Ting, Alexander, Gareth Immanuel, Jesslyn, Arash and Siyoon)

Board of Love


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