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Crayola Classpack Broad Line Markers  (256 Count, 16 Colors)

Crayola Classpack Broad Line Markers (256 Count, 16 Colors)

SKU: CRCL036/01

Put students' imaginations to work with these classic, long-lasting, durable markers which lay down lots of brilliant color, this bulk Broad Line Marker Classpack includes enough supplies for the entire class!


PERFECT CHOICE FOR ART CLASS: Providing students with primary, secondary and neutral colors allows them to create stunning pieces of art. There are enough Crayola Broad Line Markers in this pack for everyone to express himself or herself in color.


BROAD CONICAL TIPS FOR THICK AND THIN STROKES: Crayola Broad Line Markers have versatile conical tips that can lay down lots of color quickly or draw thin lines for making outlines or writing words.


PACKAGE CONTENTS: 256 Crayola Markers - 16 each of 16 different colors.

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    Please allow for at least 2 working weeks for delivery as we will have to wait for shipment. 
    We will email you once your order is confirmed!

  • Preschool Order

    Drop us a message for preschool orders and we will provide you with the special price for preschools!

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