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Cut-Out Fraction Circles

Cut-Out Fraction Circles


The Cut-Out Fraction Circles is designed to serve as a sensory aid for children to enhance their concentration, hand-eye coordination ability and fine motor skills by putting the fractions together like a puzzle trying to form the correspondent whole or even mixing the single fractions and putting a colorful whole together. They can also create figures with the loose fractions mixing up the colors or simply putting them together to form new patterns! The set is made of natural Beechwood, containing no harmful substances, with smooth surface, no burr and edges, which are comfortable to touch. They are also sturdy and not easy to break.

  • Shipment

    Please allow for at least 2 working weeks for delivery as we will have to wait for shipment. 
    We will email you once your order is confirmed!

  • Preschool Order

    Drop us a message for preschool orders and we will provide you with the special price for preschools!

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