Singapore is unique because we are a melting pot of cultures. It is a city that epitomises the beauty of multiculturism. People may come in many different shapes, sizes and colours, but when the different colours come together, we can create something beautiful. The children drew designs and molded clay into different shapes before painting the beads in different colours to create the necklace and earrings. As we threaded the beads into the leather cord, the children remarked that "the heart is at the centre". And indeed, to appreciate and respect the diverse cultures of Singapore, our hearts need to be in the right place.




Necklace (16cm X 16cm)

Studs (2.5cm X 2.5cm X 3cm)


Done by

Brave Bees 3

(Amit, Charissa, Kan, Niccolo', Penelope, Shon-Jyn, Ozan, Aliana)



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