Inspired by the Current Affairs's article on the Australia's Bushfire Crisis and stories regarding the animals, they wondered about the animals' population and discussed on how we can help to save the animals. The Brave Bees were determined to do our part as a caring and inclusive citizen by being the voice of the animals. Together, the children made water-coloured postcards with their favourite representation animals on the cover in hope to spread empathy and compassion to the living things around us.


Sold in set of 4s.



23cm x 12cm


*Design will be given at random


Done by

Class: Brave Bees

Names: Amaia Suharwardy, Aria Dias, Erum Varma, Emma Chong, Rin Ochiai, Rena Asano, Chehak Katarina, Claire Yang, Davien Chua, Kyoichi Tanaka, Haruto Tanaka, Yuta Mori, Wu ShaoQi, Ryo Munekawa, Kento Khoo, Bowie Pestano

Love Our Animals


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