On 25 April 2020, Singaporeans sang “Home” together at home, while waving their torchlights. That night, Singaporeans all over the island cheered and clapped to give encouragement to those in the front line keeping Singapore safe. It was also to show support for everyone in Singapore, doing their part by staying home and observing safe distancing measures. Music can truly be a symbol of solidarity, isn’t it? This piece of craftwork will bring fond memories of that night and remind all of us that we will get through this and keep our Home a safe place.



74cm X 54cm


Done by

Brave Bees

Andrew James Lee, Chua Yun Le, Christian Chen, Elijah Gao, Luke Hoe, Caleb Hoo, Mateo Sng, Rachel Lim, Natalie Oon, Zahra Poehlker

Pi Pas


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