The silhouette of the Merlion, an iconic statue of Singapore. Using pieces of fabric to represent the four main races (Malay, Chinese, Indian and Eurasian) in Singapore, each piece of fabric was meticulously placed on the canvas like forming a jigsaw puzzle, representing the harmonious lives of the four races in our community. The teeth on the Merlion statue holds an important representation specifically, one Merlion tooth stands for one ethnic group in Singapore. Hence, the use of the fabric to represent the four main races in Singapore.




40cm x 50cm x 1cm


Done by

Soaring Eagles K2

Owen Hoh, Isaac Lim, Luke Goh, Edward Lucas, Elijah Yeo, Haleigh SK, Elroy Chim, Keigo Gander, Lim Hao Xiang 

The Merlion


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